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Elite Capital proudly stands at the forefront of equity release, marked by a consistent track record of client satisfaction and industry recognition. Our commitment to excellence is evident in pioneering innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. Over the years, we've built a strong reputation for trustworthiness and reliability, reinforcing our position as leaders in the dynamic landscape of equity release services.

Equity release is a financial product that allows homeowners, typically those aged 55 and older, to access the equity tied up in their property without having to sell it. It is essentially a loan secured against the value of your home, and the borrowed amount is repaid when the property is sold or upon the homeowner's demise. This can be a useful option for retirees looking to supplement their income or cover unexpected expenses, as it provides a lump sum or regular payments based on the value of their home.

Elite Capital provides a variety of equity release solutions designed to meet the needs of homeowners in the UAE. Our team collaborates closely with clients to grasp their specific needs and deliver personalized recommendations on the most suitable options. With our competitive rates and flexible terms, Elite Capital assists clients in accessing their home's equity while ensuring that their financial requirements are met. Whether you're seeking to bolster your retirement income or address unforeseen expenses, Elite Capital is committed to helping you identify the ideal equity release solution. Get in touch with us today to explore our equity release offerings and discover how we can support you.


Elevating Equity Release with Expertise and Innovation

Recognized Expertise

Acknowledged for our unparalleled expertise in structuring and managing successful equity release transactions.

Client Satisfaction

A track record of delivering exceptional service, resulting in high levels of client satisfaction and positive testimonials.

Industry Recognition

Acknowledged by industry peers and experts for our contributions and excellence in the equity release sector.

Innovative Solutions

Pioneering innovative equity release solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Home Equity Release Loans in Dubai

Inheritance Impact

Evaluating how equity release may diminish the value of your estate, potentially influencing the inheritance left for your heirs.

Interest Rate Awareness

Being mindful of the compounding nature of interest on equity release products, as it can significantly impact the overall amount owed over time.

Benefit Eligibility Assessment

Understanding that releasing equity may affect your eligibility for means-tested benefits, necessitating a thorough review of potential impacts on your financial situation.

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Home Equity Release Loans in Dubai

Seeking Assistances? Find Answers in our Popular FAQs

Equity release options are available through various financial sources in the UAE. This option is designed for homeowners seeking a convenient way to access funds for home improvements, expenses, or even to purchase another property. Both expatriates and UAE nationals find equity release an appealing choice.

The duration of the process largely hinges on the selected plan. Usually, it may take approximately 8 weeks to access your home equity.

Equity release amounts depend on several factors. Typically, borrowers can access up to 85% of their property's current value. However, different financial institutions have their own terms. For example, resident expatriates might face limits of 60-80%, while non-residents may only access 50%.