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Mortgage Consultant

We understand that mortgages are a long-term financial commitment, Our advisory team is fully qualified, and can offer you a helpful advice when you are looking to purchase your dream home. Our team have built relationships with different banks over the years and can advise you on which would work best for your needs.

Elite Capital Mortgage Consultants has successfully helped many locals, residents, and non-residents clients across the world by getting the right mortgages. The Mortgage team have built relationships with different banks over the years and can advise you on which would work best for your needs.


Benefits of you using mortgage consultant

They are highly experienced and knowledgeable and are prepared to walk you through the process with our expert guidance. A good mortgage consultant can potentially save you thousands in upfront costs and much more over the duration of the loan by investing time in you to pinpoint your needs and how best to suit them. Banks will only offer you their services, which might not be the best for you. A highly professional mortgage consultant will speak to all the banks across the market on your behalf and provide you the best value in the market.

Mortgage Plans
Assisted Mortgages Plan
Our plans

Mortgage Plans

We provide you the right mortgage solution from hundreds of options available in the market, with many exclusive Competition offers.

Assisted Mortgages plan

Our professional mortgages consult you and provide you an expertise advice to get the best value in the market, and they also assist you with the completion of paperwork up to the mortgage pre-approval stage for a reduced fee.

Main Mortgages plan

Our Mortgage Consultants will work together with our real estate partners to help you manage the home buying process from initial product advice to the legal transfer of the property.

Our privileges

Elite Capital strong relation and history with the formal agreements in place with most leading banks and financial institutions in the UAE. Which helps you to secure EXCLUSIVE terms and discounts.

  • Free bank processing fees
  • Free pre-approval

Self-Employed Mortgages

Mortgage specialist will help self-employed borrowers to buy their Dream home with the attractive financing opportunities and special promotions which offer better value for money.

Our Mortgage Products

Buy A New Home

Elite Capital Advisor gives you a financial dream. Our advisor will ensure complete transparency and offers the best marketplace. This ensures Home Matters has the best mortgage product, all the time.

Under Construction Property

We have specifically tied up with the Banks in UAE who are actively offering competitive product for under construction Property, the finance value of up to 50% on approved developments for properties still under construction.


We provide you the best offer and exclusive rates for offices, warehouses, Retail and all other commercial real estate with LTV of up to 75% for properties in UAE, which are completed or near completion.


We are connected all Banks in UAE, We offer the most competitive interest rates and up to 75% loan to value for individuals residing overseas.

Equity Release

We secure our clients the lower the interest rates and higher the returns.

Multiple Unit

If you are Planning to buy several units for investment, Our expertise will advice you with the best options to get the maximize your return on investment.

Restricted Industries

Our mortgage experts will find the right solution which will allow you to purchase or refinance in the UAE.

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