UAE Citizenship & Residency by Investment

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    The UAE government stated in February 2021 that eligible investors and persons with extraordinary skills, along with their families, will be allowed to naturalize.

    this comprises rental properties and special contributions to the UAE economy. Citizenship by Investment enables an individual to a variety of benefits, including family security, increased quality of life, better education for children and oneself, and many more.

    Who qualifies to apply?

    The 10-year visa is open to investors with at least AED Ten million in capital investment, whether in the shape of an investment account or a firm. Therefore, at least 60% of the overall investment must be in non-real estate industries, and the invested cash cannot be lent. In addition, the investor must engage in a property with a gross value of at least AED 5 million and be able to hold the investment for at least three years. The holder’s partner and kids, as well as one executive director and one advisor, may be included on the long-term visa.

    Investor Visa for three years

    The three-year investor visa provides investors with residence in exchange for their property investment. The three-year investor visa requires a qualified investment of at minimum AED 750,000, plus administrative and processing fees. Family members may also apply for residency.

    Retirement Visa for 5 Years

    They would be able to establish residence in any emirate and enjoy the same government advantages and incentives as UAE residents under the retirement visa category.

    By making a considerable investment in the country, investors over the age of 55 can take permanent residence in any emirate and benefit from the same government advantages and incentives as UAE residents. Individuals who fulfill any of the following financial

    conditions can extend their 5-year visa under the 5-year retirement visa scheme:

    Invest in a house in Dubai valued Dh2,000,000 ($542,000).
    Have at least Dh1,000,000 ($271,000) in savings.
    Have a monthly active income of at least Dh20,000 ($5,417).

    Dubai Properties Investing

    Whether the acquisition is for personal use or for rental reasons, it is vital to work with a developer who understands the market since obtaining a decent return on real-estate investment is dependent on purchasing a property in the suitable location.

    Dubai Properties has over 16 years of market expertise and has built a vast portfolio of neighbourhoods in some of the city’s most desirable areas. Because of our exacting standards for concerting and construction, we have a proven track record of developing famous and popular neighbourhoods where tenants desire to live, work, and play. We offer comprehensive solutions for buy-to-let investors, such as house insurance, DEWA registration, tenant issues, and community involvement maintenance.

    What are the advantages of a UAE resident visa?

    1. Apply for a UAE car license.
    2. Travel to specific countries without a visa.
    3. eligible for government health services
    4. Register their children in both public and private schools.
    5. ability to do business in the country
    6. Better employment and investment opportunities
    7. Sponsor relatives and family members

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